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you were meant 


Spring into ACTION!

Put some pep in your step and enjoy 20% off coaching packages!

*Valid through 5/31/20. Client must start coaching service no later than the promotion end date. Cannot be combined with any other promotions.

*Payment Plans Available


Dedicated to You 

With this service, you will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help you to create the life you dream about.

Focusing on personal energy this program will guide you to taking that step into the life you were meant to have.

The 6 sessions offered in this 6 week powerhouse program will help to get you out of your comfort zone while supporting and stretching you. We will dive deep into your personal power and help uncover those underlying behaviors that keep you stuck in your routine habits and away from you moving forward.

Your Investment Includes:

  • 6 – 45 minute live weekly 1:1 coaching sessions delivered via phone call or video conference that will guide you to your ultimate goal.

  • Dedicated accountability partner walking with you on your journey.

  • Personalized plan based on your individual needs.

  • Connecting you to your inner power to help you find your strength to move forward.

  • Guaranteed habit modifications and self awareness.


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Superior Guidance

From personal to professional growth, I want to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you’ve always dreamt of.


This 12 week program will help to refocus your energy and help you align with your mind, body, and spirit by honoring your body’s “needs” vs its “wants”. In doing so you will learn the balance necessary to have inner peace and a fulfilled and healthy life.

Focusing on stress management and personal energy, this program will guide you to a fulfilling relationship with nutrition, with yourself, and with others.


The 12 sessions offered in the 12 week fulfill your purpose program results in setting up the conditions for inevitable success, discovering how the proper nutrition will give you the most energy for your unique body type, learning ways to maneuver through those stressful situations, and turning healthy habits into the behaviors that last.


Your Investment Includes:

  • 12 – 45 minute live weekly 1:1 coaching sessions delivered via phone call or video conference that will guide you to your ultimate goal.

  • Dedicated accountability partner walking with you on your journey.

  • Personalized plan based on your individual needs.

  • Gaining a knowledge of stress management and proper nutrition, and learning how these combined affect your overall health.

  • Developing strategies to form healthy habits that stick.

  • Discovering your “Why” so that you can connect to your “How”.

  • Guaranteed habit modifications and self awareness.

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Taking You From Fear To Action Mode!

Amanda White is a natural born leader who is an expert at guiding others to step into their high performance state.

She is a leader who excels at building confidence to form teams that increase productivity.

Amanda is passionate about leadership, focusing on strengths, mind shift, and helping others grow into their space.

Being in the administration branch of healthcare for almost two decades Amanda has had the privilege of working with many experts in the field of medicine.

She has gotten to know patients, clients, and co-workers on a personal level and has learned to be a professional listener and an effective problem solver.

Amanda has earned trust among her peers and is highly recommended by past and present colleagues.


Embracing the Chaos

There will always be constant life movement, whether it be positive or negative. Amanda will guide you on how to hone in on your personal strength to bring you back to the state of calmness. Learning how to manage this will help you take control of all other aspects of your environment.

Lean Into Leadership

Start being the leader you were meant to be. Amanda will show you how to connect with yourself so that you can build a strong foundation for growth. This will help you focus your energy on the tasks at hand and get you to the goal you have set.


If you are in a leadership role, Amanda will guide you to connect with your team so that everyone is on track to the same goal, and the work environment is productive and cohesive.



Corporations, High Schools, Colleges, Health Care Professionals, Business and Community Groups, Families, Mental Health Professionals, Women’s Groups, Educators.

* 20% off school speaking engagements for students.

* For each referral you send that fulfills a coaching package, you will receive 50.00 USD off your current/future coaching package.

* Payment plans available.

* Ask about current specials.

* “Knowing” does not mean “Doing”. You must be 100% ready and committed to take action on your “How”.

* I, as your health coach, have been trained to help you achieve “habit change” via coaching. I do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe any medication, or perform the functions of clinical providers. You should always consult your medical team. I will be happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your well-being.


fear to action